...to our new home on Skidaway Island, just outside Savannah, GA. Skidaway Bungalow is the journal of our home renovation.  We'll detail many aspects of the renovation and will provide links and resources. ”We" are Bobbie Battista and John Brimelow, long-time Atlanta residents who have always looked to move to the Eastern Seaboard. Bobbie’s a long-time TV anchor and CNN veteran; John’s a serial entrepreneur, media artist and industrial designer. Bobbie loves interior design, John loves making stuff work. Bobbie’s a natural at paint selection, John’s all things handy and technical.

Here’s what’s inside…
Interior Design • Bobbie’s show and tell about how she puts things together
Surfaces and Lighting • Pictures and links to all the materials and lighting fixtures
Scale Drawings • The road maps for the renovation
Before and After • The link everyone goes to first
Plumbing Fixtures • Pictures and links
Appliances • Pictures and links
Systems Integration • Details about the automation of lighting and media
Everything you’ve probably heard about a renovation is true. You’ll run over budget as you fix new problems that reveal themselves and every trade will present a set of challenges.