Work In Progress



September 18 • Paint the Master • I worked for three days getting the red off these walls, first up was a white, with a little gray primer coat

September 21 • Paint the Garage Walls & Floor • I acid washed the concrete before applying the paint

September 30 • Run Gas Line to House • Looks like AGL struck water!

October 16 • Lay New Carpet MBedroom, MCloset and Office • The single best way to get rid of the various smells of the previous owners!


October 25 • Install New Closets in Master and Office • The first of two somewhat inept installations by Jamestown Designer Kitchens (I had to re-install the shoe racks so they actually worked)


November 3 • Paint the Living Room • We'd cut access holes for the new gas lights out front, I patched and sanded that before I painted this room

November 3 • Finish Gas Light Installation (Burnsed Energy...Chris and Sean were great...worked their butts off and did a great job)

November 9 • Begin Demolition • Jody McFee and his team tackled this job and won!

November 10 • Continue Demolition (J McFee)


November 15 • Rough In Plumbing and Electrical (Rooterman & Trinity) Can't say enough good things about the plumbers and electricians!



November 20 • Begin Tile Installation • Jody McFee's wheelhouse, note the extra large niche and bench, not to mention the plumber's rough in, we're moving along!


November 21 • Demo Kitchen/LR Wall & Build Case Opening (Trey Carter and day, new case opening...bravo guys!)

November 22 • Begin Drywall (Norman Hargrove...worked his butt off!)

November 22 • Wall Blocking & Tile Work Continues • I had blocks placed in the walls for everything that went on the walls, like mirrors, lights and towel racks

November 28 • Tile Work Continues (J McFee)

December 2 • Flooring Installed in Kitchen (J McFee)

December 5 • Cabinet Installation Begins • We selected Haas cabinets.

December 7 • Tile Finished (J McFee / week 3, installation finished including kitchen floor)

December 8 • Finish Lighting Installation (Trinity)

December 18 • Finish Plumbing Installation (B Milcarek / Rooterman) and Counter Tops (Counterparts)December 19 • Appliance Installation (Livingoods)


December 20 • Shutter Installation Whole Home

December 21 • First Meal in New Kitchen ( still waiting for a few sets of shutters )