Scale drawings are a universal road map for everyone collaborating on the renovation. No matter the language you speak, the numbers are the same.

The scale plans give every trade the information they needed to bid on the job and complete the job. A couple of times an installer would forget to reference the plans and would make a when the kitchen floor installer created a hole in the floor where the old stove's downdraft vent was...I was like "doh! that's the middle of the floor in front of the refrigerator! We really don't want a hole there! Let's look at the plan!" And then we were back on track.

To create the scale illustrations, I use a program called Intaglio. I print to C-Size (17" x 22") paper on an Epson Stylus Pro 4000.

Kitchen Plans

Everything electricians, plumbers, carpenters, flooring installers, appliance installers and painter/plasterers need to know is shown here, in scale.

Master Bathroom Plans

Reflected Ceiling Plan

I used the Bosch auto-leveling laser to help move the coordinates for ceiling light locations from the floor to the ceiling. It's a Whole Lot easier than measuring a layout on the floor than the ceiling!