Frigidaire Pro Suite

Two years ago, while we were still in Atlanta, our double oven, a high-end Thermador, became thoroughly undependable. There was no correlation between temperature settings and what the oven was actually doing. Hard to cook that way. We replaced the Thermador double oven with a Frigidaire Gallery double oven. I installed the oven...fairly straight-forward. To make Bobbie more comfortable with me installing it, I told her "look, it's just putting a box in a little bit bigger box". We were so impressed with the performance, which beat the Thermador hands down, we decided to take a look at the Fridigaire brand for the renovation. As with all our purchases, I did exhaustive research. Considering price, performance and design quality, the Fridigaire Pro models stood apart. All the major appliances, including installation, were just under $9000. (That's a little bit less than some high end stoves) So, rather than going with the Gallery line, mainly since the design didn't have that quasi-industrial, professional look, I stepped up the grade and chose the Frigidaire Pro line for most of the appliances.

Appliances were one of the last steps in the renovation process. Cabinets and counter tops were in place. The engineering folks at Frigidaire did neglect to show important facts in their cut sheets. In the Frigidaire documents that detail rough ins...that is, instructions for the cabinet and counter top accommodations, (insert spaces), did not include the lipped edging built into the stove top. My counter installers had to enlarge the space for the downdraft...not an easy task when you're on site. Thankfully, Counterparts, our counter top vendor, enlarged the downdraft cut out on site...not an easy task.

French Door Refrigerator

Gas Cooktop




The only piece that's not Frigidaire Pro is the Kalamera 30 Bottle built-in wine cooler

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